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Celebrity-Approved Travel Essentials You Can Bring at Any Season

I hate to break it to you but the truth is, traveling isn’t all cloud nine. It’s not all bliss. It’s not, at all, easy. No matter how instagrammable your idols’ posts are and no matter how much they seem to be #travelgoals, the reality is that, behind the scenes, it’s almost a miracle to always keep your shiz. But…

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Travel Diary: Conquering Rome, Italy as a Solo Female Traveler

Rome will always have a special place in my heart. It was years ago when I officially put it on my list of the top cities I most wanted to visit as soon as possible. As I have said in this blog post, I even drafted itineraries to the cities I hoped to go to because that’s how much I…

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5 Key Investments to Start a Blog With or Without a Niche

I have been a blogger since summer of 2015. But I’m going to be honest with you. I actually feel like I didn’t utilize my blog to its full potential – kind of like, I was blogging but not blogging at its best. I do it just because. No reason, no purpose; just all for sharing and that’s it. This…

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What It’s Like in the Most Beautiful Cafe in the World – New York Cafe, Budapest

Cafes are where I am most creative and productive at. It’s where my mind works and inspiration seems to be running through my veins. It’s kind of strange, I guess, (and expensive, of course) but I really consider it my workspace. Besides work and studying, it’s usually where I meet and talk with my friends. Generally, I just love how…

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5 Essential Reminders for Bloggers of Any Niche

When I created my blog, I had no idea what blogging would be for me and where it would take me. I made it purely out of my desire to share my stories and to be heard. I didn’t know how to make it work at first. I transferred from platform to platform. I kept reading posts from my favorite…

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Dear Mom, thank you for letting me go and travel the world

Dear Mom, I remember the days you used to cradle me in your arms as you sang me to sleep. I remember the days I would act as if I’m already sleeping on the sofa so you would carry me to the bedroom. I remember the days I would cling to your legs whenever you had to leave me in…

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What to wear on your friends’ night out + What happened in Cable Car PH Bloggers’ Night

The thing with being away for months is that when you go back home, you feel the urge to catch up with a lot of things and share stories with the friends and family you’ve missed all the while making sure to rest and beat your jetlag. That’s what happened to me. March was a pretty packed month. Even if…

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I restrategized my blog purpose and this is what I realized + New blog look!

As bloggers, we all can get lost in the blogosphere sometimes, especially when it comes to the matter of our blog’s purpose and mission. It’s hard but trust me, if you know yourself enough, it’ll easily come to you. In this post, you can find: How I started in the blogging world How I found my blog purpose Tips for…

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How to Take Your Own Photos when Traveling Solo

Solo travel is fun and exciting but for a blogger like me, it entails one big challenge among others: who will take my photos? As much as I believe in living in the moment, I must say that I put value on the photos I take when I travel. For someone like me with a short-term memory, photos are my way…

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